SUPP Dr Sim Is Man on the MOVE. Go Go Go!!

Pictures are all here to be SEEN. We have received a very good feedback from everyone.  Many Pending N10 voters are very pleased with his enthusiasm and PLEASANT and down to earth character.

This morning, Prof Dr, Sim Kui Hian, presented 2 cheques to the Chung Hua Middle School No.1,3,4  Teachers Association for them to organise activities. Dr Sim also went to check out the repair and maintenance project initiated by himself for the CHMS 1 sports field. After request for assistance from the CHMS 1 management to Dr Sim for assistance to repair and maintain the existing the drains at the schools sports field, Dr Sim managed to arranged for some funds from one of the state agencies to assist.

Dr Sim also managed to obtain funds to add drains in the area to prevent flooding and also to re surface the basket ball and Netball courts and also the gutters in the school buildings. The Headmaster of CHMS1 informed us that the late Tan Sri Datuk Amar Sim Kheng Hong in 1986 was the person responsible for getting funds to enable the school to have a sports field and today, Dr. Sim is following in his father’s foot steps in helping CHMS1.

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3 Responses to SUPP Dr Sim Is Man on the MOVE. Go Go Go!!

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  2. FREE LAND says:

    Very good and creative picture

  3. Kuching Joe says:

    Dr Sim already delivered before he is a YB.

    I trust if we all make him a YB, he can deliver much more.

    Please dont wait.

    Vote Prof Dr Sim.

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